Juan Pacheco
I believe that the pedal improves your climbing

My climbing has been better this time of the year that in the past.
I believe the pedals do improve your climbing since I didn’t do anything too different than in the past.

Daniel Smith

Anyway- as soon as I saw this new product "Nikola Pedals" I thought -hey this is the way to relieve the stress from my joints and tight back- seeing that they are smartly designed to move with the dynamic movement of your body- (as we are designed to move in all directions) our joints are designed to meet and overcome power with more muscles and tissue to handle larger loads by not being rigid, but having some "contained give") anyway.

I met the engineer and owner of the Nikola Co. a bit ago, and he gave me this set to test. Here is a list of what I thoughts after my 42-mile ride on them today. First, I couldn't get over how smooth my pedal stroke felt!-(even after my 36 mile normal "I hate this=i want off this bike".. mark!),even when staying seated on big climbs, I never felt that pressure in my knees, hips that make me usually think "I hope my joint can handle this torque!" ūüėē ...this was especially noticeable on flats where I was able to really get into the power zone and feel super gliding smooth. feels really nice. I am also riding QRings now -which are really great but you need to train them for power, my legs are dead sooner than later, but I know with training I'll be faster than ever. The pedals actually help to get past that sharp peak at the apex of the power drive I noticed I actually felt a lot more muscles working as I rode, the pedal allowing you to recruit more and work well for developing stabilizer groups too. SURE hope to get to race on them this season!** I give them-4.75 out of 5... stars! (only drawback is their weight here is their website -check them out!


Paul Glatzhofer
I noticed about the Nikola pedal's was how easy they are to get acclimated to

The first thing I noticed about the Nikola pedals was how easy they are to get acclimated to.  When you think about the motion of the pedal, I  initially thought it would take several long rides to get used to them. Not the case. I was completely comfortable with them in less than 10 minutes.

I have about 40 hours on the new Nikola pedals and I must say I truly love them.  I have seen gains in my max power output but probably the best thing is how good my legs and joints feel after I am done with a max interval training session.  With my old pedals I would have a bit of pain in my legs immediately after I was done.  Not the case with my Nikola pedals.  The motion that the pedals allow greatly reduces stress on my legs.

Shane Jesse Ralston
I will be sure to spread the word as an informal Nikola ambassador!

I wanted to share with you what I think of the pedals. So far, I can tell that they have improved my performance. After a two-and-a-half month break off the bike, I got on my trainer (a Lemond Revmaster, really a spin bike) with the steel-spindled pedals installed and completed 20 miles in an hour. Before this I would usually only be able to complete 18 miles after such a long period off the bike. My chiropractor did give me some exercises to strengthen my hips and glutes in preparation for riding with the pedals.  This might have helped (perhaps that would be something you could sell as an accessory, a manual of doctor-prescribed exercises for improving glute and hip strength to optimize a rider's performance on the pedals).  The motion is very natural. My hip popped a little at first (probably from the outward motion, which nicely relieved some of the impingement) and I felt no pain while riding (just a bit of soreness the next day, but that's to be expected). Overall, I'm highly impressed. I have the titanium-spindled pedals installed on my road bike and I'm looking forward to the warmer spring weather, when I can take them for a spin. Thanks for a wonderful product. I will be sure to spread the word as an informal Nikola ambassador!

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