What we stand for

Made in the USA. This was not a simple as it sounds. The majority of bikes and components are made overseas, so we put a good amount of effort to keep all parts machined or sourced in the USA. Our complete platform pedal set has a total of 16 parts with 90% made in the USA and the remainder sourced from Germany. We will continue to support local partners with phenomenal quality and availability.

Built to last. There is a European saying that I grew up with, "I'm not rich, so I can't afford to buy cheap things”. Our goal - this will be the last set of pedals you'll need to buy because they are made with equal focus on performance and quality.

Be kind to the Earth. Everything we do looks thru the lens of Mother Earth and how kind to her. We recycle machined aluminum, we designed packaging eliminating plastics and inserts, 80% of our parts are made within 30 miles of our facilities lowering extensive logistics and emissions. We welcome your suggestions on how we can do even better.

Create jobs for those who have limited options. Recognizing how fortunate we are to work on something we love, we also recognize this does not always apply to with disabilities. We continue to create opportunities for those with needs providing a chance to contribute in a valuable way, feel good about what they do, and help them be part of the community. 



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