Is Riding a Lateral Pedal Hard to Learn?

I’ll cut to the chase. Riding a lateral moving pedal is NOT hard to learn. In fact - there is NO learning.  Just ride.


Ok so you may be thinking I am just saying this to make you feel better and buy pedals.  The reason why the pedal has no learning curve is we studied several other innovative products in the bike space that happened to be different from the norm. We looked at their early customer feedback on what they liked and what they wished could be better. One common comment was the innovation was either hard to install, or hard to acclimate to. While the feedback was generally in favor of the benefits these new innovative products provided, the user experience was short of expectations. This was a valuable lesson to us. We have about 100 prototype pedal variations that while they provided the intended benefits of increased power and comfort, they feel short on user experience.


Smooth and buttery- That was the mantra I challenged the engineers with at our weekly meetings. Does the pedal motion feel smooth and buttery while riding the bike? What needs improved to get to smooth and buttery? This was a big hill we needed to climb and worth the extra year of development to reach the summit. We know we reached that point by conducting thousands of demo rides to over a thousand people at trade shows and our test facilities. We realized we reached the summit when we kept hearing “the pedal feels so natural!” from riders.


This is why we know you won’t have to learn how to ride the pedals because we took the time to ensure you won’t have to spend time learning and spend more time enjoying your bike ride.

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