About Zivo™


Cyclist in lab test for bike pedalsWHY?    The pedals are designed to address the millions of cyclists who have knee or hip pain from riding bikes. The concept started with a research project on how to increase power for cyclists by changing the pedal path and using more muscles in your legs. The first lab study produced tremendous data and a nugget of invaluable information from the individuals tested. While 70% of riders show consistent power improvement, the commentary feedback is individual’s knees feel better riding a pedal that moves elliptically. This feedback prompted an IRB clinical research study at Alleghany General Hospital and second at Gonzaga University to understand how the pedals help alleviate knee and hip pain

HOW?    The ZIVO motion is achieved through a simple cam motion. Think of a train on a track, which gently glides in the direction of the track. The tracks dictate where the train will go. The conductor controls how fast or slow the train moves. With Nikola pedals, you are the conductor determining your speed and the pedals smoothly and consistently stay on track for you. No thinking, no added effort, no learning curve. A simple intuitive motion gives you increased performance in climbing hills, sustained energy for long rides, and pain relief from the natural motion.

WHAT?    Nikola pedals are designed using the concept of a speed skater or cross-country skier combined with cycling. If you have ever rollerbladed or play hockey or cross-country ski, you are familiar with the motion needed by your legs to move forward. Nikola pedals use a very subtle variation of that motion within the pedals. The motion is controlled so to activate and distribute the use of your muscles. This lateral elliptical motion frees your legs to move in their natural desired movement that is the foundation for the pain relief. Virtually every first time rider states one word to describe the experience  “natural”.   You will likely be unaware that your legs are moving elliptically without looking down to see. This patented motion was years of trial and error  researching  the optimal motion for cyclists.  Our goal is for the movement to feel natural  benefitting our customers.


Nikola’s ZIVO technology vision is to harmonize rider’s body with the bike.

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